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Understanding that optimal support and comfort can significantly enhance your day, we've collaborated with Luminosity Gaming, a renowned global gaming and esports team. They prioritize not only the performance of their players and creators but also their overall wellbeing. Officechairindia is thrilled to contribute to enhancing the gaming experience for these exceptional players with our high-performance chairs.

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Gaming pushes the boundaries of mental focus and physical prowess. That's why Officechairindia gaming chairs go beyond the ordinary, enhancing your gaming experience. Our technology is meticulously crafted to accommodate your sitting style, gaming habits, and movements, ensuring maximum comfort and support.

Movement is crucial for sustaining comfort during extended periods of computer use, whether you're diligently working or fully immersed in your favorite game. Taking breaks from your desk or transitioning between postures in your chair helps keep your body active and engaged. Officechairindia chairs are designed to accommodate various types of movement, catering to those who frequently shift positions or prefer prolonged focus with minimal movement for hours on end.


Although maintaining proper sitting posture is vital for reducing discomfort, it's common to naturally adapt to less-than-ideal postures when discomfort arises. Whether sitting on your foot, crossing your legs, or shifting in your seat to alleviate muscle fatigue, these adjustments are part of our natural response. At Officechairindia, we recognize that not everyone maintains perfect ergonomic posture all day. That's why our gaming chairs are engineered to minimize the need for non-ergonomic postures while also accommodating various sitting positions, even those less conventional, to promote comfort and support for all users.

Choosing the perfect gaming chair involves understanding how you game uniquely. Steelcase chairs are designed to accommodate a diverse range of device usage, whether you prefer a controller, mouse and keyboard, or a combination of both. From versatile streamers to dedicated single-game enthusiasts, our chairs cater to all gaming styles. Explore the profiles below to learn more about how each chair is tailored to support you and enhance your gaming setup.

Office Chair India Gaming Chairs


Gesture is the ultimate wizard among gaming chairs, seamlessly adapting to meet every player's needs. No matter the position or posture you assume, Gesture intuitively adjusts to provide the necessary support. Moreover, it enables fluid movement within your chair, ensuring you retain full control of your controller or maintain your position at your desk without compromise.

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Recommended For

Moderate Game Variety

Enjoy uninterrupted comfort as you delve into a diverse array of games.

Precision-Fit User Adjustments

Effortlessly customize the chair to suit your body and activities with manual adjustments.

High Controller Use

Ideal for precise control and movement during gameplay.

Next-Level Features

3D LiveBack® and Core Equalizer

The chair back mimics the natural movement of your spine, promoting fluidity and relieving pressure from your core.

Optional Headrest

The integrated headrest alleviates neck strain by offering vertical movement, forward tilting, and 90-degree rotation.

Advanced 360 Arms

The arms seamlessly adapt to support all gaming stances, whether with or without a controller, ensuring effortless comfort.


Leap earns its title as the unwavering warrior among our ergonomic gaming chairs, effortlessly guiding you into the optimal posture for sustained comfort. While it's advisable not to remain sedentary for extended periods, should you find yourself seated for long durations, Leap stands ready as your ultimate ally in conquering discomfort.

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Recommended For

Precision-Fit User Adjustments

Effortlessly tailor the chair to your body and activities through manual adjustments.

Low/Moderate Controller Use

Ideal for keyboard and mouse users who typically maintain a fixed position.

Single-Game Focus

Maintain focus and comfort without interruption for extended periods.

Next-Level Features

Absolute Adjustability

The dial-in adjustability features ensure a custom fit, promoting long-term comfort tailored to your needs.

LiveBack® Support System

Back support that mirrors the movement of your spine, promoting flexibility and encouraging movement.

Natural Glide Recline

The seat glides smoothly back and forth as you recline, ensuring you stay immersed and connected to the game.